Radar Level Control System for Concrete Plants

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Never Climb A Silo Again!

TDR2000 Spec Sheet

At least not to Drop a Tape and Measure what you have in your Silos! Why take the chance of Personnel Injury by Climbing Silos to Check the Inventory of your Cement and Fly Ash. With the Bindicator TDR-2000 you can read your Silo Levels from a Display in your Batch House or Control Room.

Why You Won’t Have to Climb

– Radar Sensor Continuously Measures Product Level

– Reads Through Air Born Dust

– Display Readings in Batch House or Control Room

– Works Even When Silo Is Being Filled!

– No Maintenance or Cleaning Needed

– Rugged, Weather-Proof Enclosure

– Ignores Material Build-Up on Sensing Cable

– More Accurate Than Hand-Line Reading

Proven in Cement, Fly Ash, Sand & Aggregate!

Affordable System!

The Hardware is Very Affordable. Wiring and Sensor installation is Simple and Inexpensive.

Easy Set-Up

Setting up the System can all be done from the Keypad on the Controller/Display. With the Quick Start Guide you will Get the System Up and Running in Less Than an Hour.


How It Works

The Bindicator TDR-2000 Sensor pulses a Radar Signal from the head of the unit down the Stainless Steel Cable. Where the Cable and the Material in the Silo meet, the Radar Signal reflects and comes back to the Sensor Head. The amount of time that it takes the Radar Signal to travel down and back is measured as the distance. Either a Multi-Channel or Individual Controller/Display then shows each Silo’s Measurement in either “ Feet-of-Product” or “Feet-to-Product”.


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And we will get you a Quote for a System that fits your site. We have hundreds of Installations in Cement, Fly Ash, Sand, Aggregate, and many other Powders and Bulk Solids


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